Shields of the Vale

The 13’ tall Humanoid stood outside the large scintillating, multi-coloured sphere. He absent mindedly tapped his red ruby-tipped rod into his empty right hand. There was an aura of distortion created by its movement. He smiled warmly up at the sphere’s inhabitant.

HIS most valuable pieces were finally in place to end the great game with his progeny. HIS son had been resourceful, dangerously so, and he had risked his own worldly empire to have the dragons in position and primed for action once their danger became apparent.

Tiamat would never know that the offer of alliance from Modeus was instigated by one of HIS own devils within HIS son’s ranks, as she would never know that the plague-spawn buried at Silversands had been dumped there by HIS spy within Modeus’s ranks.

It had been more difficult to make the information flow naturally to Tiamat’s battle commanders, but not outside of HIS ability.

HE had lost the wonderful cathedral that was being crafted in the Chaos Scar, but its discovery by the Shields of the Vale was necessary to lead them towards the Gorgon King.

The Shields with their Dragon “allies” were now at the very gates of the Gorgon King’s throne room and soon HIS son would return here. Asmodeus smiled at that thought. Time would pass very pleasantly soon.

The sphere before him was ready but it was currently occupied. “Release this one” he requested.

The guard devils quickly complied and soon had HIS prisoner standing out of the cell-sphere before Asmodeus. “Please do not attempt any recklessness, you are safe here for now Shanna” and Asmodeus revealed his most charming smile at the wood elf Shield.



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