Shields of the Vale

The Shields had almost surrounded Modeus. He teleported to the center of the teleport circle and began intoning an arcane mantra to activate the portal. Saran attempted to teleport the Shields into the circle but due to the arcane wands etched into the circle the Shields were scattered randomly about the chamber. Only Flea ended up inside the circle.

Modeus teleported out with Flea and Victoria, who had marked Modeus with a following spell. They teleported to the chamber beneath the Temple of Elemental Evil where the portal to Tharizdun lay. There was a rupture in reality 40’ above them in the chamber ceiling from which extruded dark, oily tendrils which criss-crossed the chamber below. They were part of Tharizdun himself, extending from out of the dead universe.

The other Shields gathered their strength and prepared to follow after their companions when Shanna appeared among them. Nameless’s death had broken the link holding her in hell bringing her to his last location. Shanna filled her friends in on her adventure while Berradin began to intone the transport spell. The Shields were then teleported to Modeus.

Victoria and Flea were fighting Modeus when the rest of the Shields appeared. The tendrils of Tharizdun flailed among the combatants, uncaring as to whom he would strike with his death energy. Modeus was struck and was enraged at the betrayal by his patron. He was absorbed into Tharizdun as he despaired at his folly.

Tharizdun laid into the Shields, taking out Victoria, Flea, Berradin and Dinnan. They appeared to be absorbed into Tharizdun’s tentacles much as what had happened to Modeus.

Shanna activated the teleport circle taking the remaining Shields, Saran, Nesh and herself, to the feywild.

The Shields that appeare in the feywild found themselves surrounded by a company of Eladrin spearsmen and the Eldest. He welcomed them but told them that the feywild would soon be separating from it’s old universe to save their race. Shanna argued the need for them but the Eldest was not swayed. he offered them rest and refreshment while he sought the location of the other Shields.

Nesh and Shanna rested while Saran decided to contact her patron in the feywild. She found herself in the winter-lands of the feywild, the court of the Winter Queen. Among the snow-drifts she met her patron and found out that the Raven Queen was deliberately avoiding Saran as she would be forced to stop the Shields if she knew they were going to Death’s Reach. She also found out that the Winter Queen was Berradin’s mother and Flea’s patron. She also knew that her son and Flea were in the Astral Sea.

Saran made her way back to the Eladrin city and let Nesh know that the other Shields were alive somewhere in the Astral Sea. The Eldest visited and confirmed that the Shields were among the Githyanki, upon the body of He-Who-Was, the eldest of the Gods; slain by Tharizdun once he was driven mad by the chaos-shard.

The “deceased” Shields woke up in a dark tunnel somewhere underground. They soon realised that they were in the “body” of the dead god in the Astral Sea, the one who was the island home of the Githyanki. The Shields had lost the Boon given them last time they had been here [except Victoria, who had still ended up here]. They made their way tot he surface and found themselves among the remains of the Lich-Queen’s once-floating fortress.

They had decided to find the quarters of their ally on the island, as they noticed a gargantuan 5-headed dragon flying towards the island from out of the astral sea. Tiamat was coming! Victoria chose to wait and deal with her enemy but Berradin begged her to reconsider, they weren’t ready, they needed their missing companions and more powerful weapons. Dinnan convinced Victoria that it was not yet time to fight but that there would be time later.

They arrived at General Vetch’r’’s compound, who plead with the Shields to leave before Tiamat arrived and laid waste to his island. Nesh, Shanna and Saran appeared in his plane-portal and the Shields were reunited.

Shanna opened a portal for them and they left ahead of the arrival of Tiamat.

The Shields arrived at a busy portal station in the City of Brass, the jewel of the Elemental Seas. There were many people lined up waiting to use the portals built here to travel to other planes, for business or pleasure.

The Shields were met outside the station by a functionary, who had a retinue of fire-elementals with him. He was there to take the Shields to their master’s palace, one of the Greater Lords of the City of Brass.

They were brought before Tumbata, Lord of the City of Brass. He offered his hospitality to the Shields and the run of his palace. He offered them rooms to rest in and had someone upstairs waiting to pleasure Berradin. The Shields asked for privacy and Tumbata left them alone in his state room.

The Shields cast auguries, discussed their plans, and finally decided to go to the Shadowfell, to Death’s Reach, to acquire wapons capable of hurting Tharizdun.



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