Shields of the Vale

Throne Room of the Gorgon King

The Shields breach the doors of the Throne Room to settle accounts with the owner

Before opening the mighty doors they had heard the movement of booted feet on cobblestones coming from the other side of the doors. The Gorgon King’s protectors would be ready for them.

The Shields took a deep breath before Nesh pushed the throne room doors inward.

The throne room was over 100′ × 100′ and at the other end of the large hall was a massive granite throne set upon a raised dais. The Gorgon King, Modeus Inferna, lounged upon the throne with his burning Axe across his knees.

At the center of the room was a 20’ diameter circle filled with arcane runes and glyphs. Surrounding this teleport/plane crossing circle was many platinum embossed circles about 5’ across. A long circular channel ran around the inner-circle filled with some sort of flammable liquid. Small braziers were fixed every 10’ around the circle filled with hellfire.
Another similar channel and braziers were ringed around the Gorgon King’s dais. Both circle channels were ignited as the doors opened and both areas were engulfed in hellfire.

Inside the teleportation fire area were the Gorgon King’s army commander, a devil in heavy armour wielding a vicious looking execution axe, and his second-in-command, a devil wielding a vicious bastard sword. Inside the dais fire-circle were the the Gorgon King and two luminary knights: devil warlocks. Scattered around the throne room were at least 15 devil-knights, a pack of hellhounds, and a familiar looking Barlgura [a demon the Shields once fought and drove off at Gardmore Abbey].

The Shields moved into the room attacking the closest minions of the Gorgon King. They laid waste to most of his guards while his commanders moved in to disrupt the Shields attack. Berradin used his magical powers to break the fire aura around the teleport circle.

The Shields faced strong resistance from the Gorgon King’s followers but lay down damage as only they can. The Gorgon King spooted Shanna as a seroius threat and cast a psychic curse upon her that would cause intense pain until she had attacked at least 2 allies. The psychic connection however revealed that Shanna was in fact a devil in disguise, the devil who had offered to assist them back at the beach where they had fought Orcus. The Gorgon King was furious and incinerated the devil. Shanna’s belongings were left on a pile of ashes.

The Shields broke into a group fighting the luminary knights and a group facing Modeus Inferna. The Gorgon King and his knights stood upon the teleport disks, and the knights would exchange places with Modeus whenever he was attacked.

The Shields focused attacks on the knights to stop them from assisting the Gorgon King. They also found that when they attacked Modeus he would react immediately with a retributive hellstorm of terrible power. Dinnan was horribly burnt from his attacks on Modeus, and was brought to the brink of death.

The Shields destroyed one of the Knights and slid the other out of the throne room and into the entry corridor with Berradin and Dinnan.

The Shields decided to attack Modeus simultaneously so that he would only be able to retribute vengeance on one of them per turn.

The battle will continue.



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