Shields of the Vale

The mouth of Hell
The Shields attempt to survive the horror that is Bael Turath

Previously on Shields of the Vale:

The Shields sojourn into the frostfell to save Berradin’s exiled Eladrin tribe had been successful. They had destroyed Torog’s vanguard force with the assistance of the tribe’s most experienced hunters. The vanquished demon that lead Torog’s forces had his soul forcefully sealed into a ruby soul-gem by the shields and placed into their hands for safe-keeping.
Berradin had reunited with his tribe and warned them of Torog’s plans to destroy them so that he would be free from his underdark prison. The King, Berradin’s father, and his advisors decided to split the tribe into 12 factions and have them spread themselves among the planes to prevent the whole society from perishing, and to lock Torog away for eternity.
The King divested Berradin of his titles and made him promise to find and reunite their tribe if the shields succeeded in their campaign against Torog. He gave Berradin a bracelet which would allow him to locate his tribesman throughout the multiverse.
The shields returned to the material plane through an Eladrin created portal and appeared next to a giant crater that encompassed the center of a ruined cityscape.

This was Bael Turath – once the capital city of the Turathi empire, the majority of which had been pulled to the bottom of the underdark by Torog in retaliation for an incursion by Turathi wizards into his domain.

The Shields had arrived on the ocean-side remains of the city, this beach-area was now more like a reef that circled the east side of the ruins – keeping the ocean separated from the crater. To their north and south were the ruins of the docks and port facilities. The ruins of the city stretched westwards around the crater rim leading right up to the edges of the cliff-face that circled the landwards side of the lost city.

The Shields were worn out – physically, spiritually and emotionally. They had encountered the denizens of the city ruins very quickly after arriving and had been in pitched battles ever since. The surviving tiefling residents were lorded over by a heirarchy of abandoned devils, and all who entered the devils’ domain were theirs to enslave or destroy.

At first they had met the threat head-on but they soon realised they were in a battle that they could not win while unprepared. Victoria was forced to have the shields strategically withdraw during the middle of one of their never-ending conflicts else the party and ’Droth’s comatose grandfather, who was being transported by the party via strecher, would be destroyed or enslaved.

Saran, Dinnan and Flea scouted around the party while Shanna attempted to find a safe path out of the city. They had not rested for three days and things were looking grim for our embattled shields. They were making their way along the “cay” on the eastern side when Shanna spotted the sails of a ship out on the ocean heading dangerously close to this ruin.

The Demon's path revealed
The demon finds a suitable host

Carnage reigned. Fires burned throughout the camp. A gargantuan fire-worm lay among the twisted remains of his Mind-flayers tent. All of them burnt to death. His Umber-Hulks crushed or eaten.
Half of his Gnolls killed.
He laughed.
“Thank you Orcus”, he breathed.
This Dwarven form was powerful, several centuries of hard-living had fine tuned the form into a devastating killing machine, especially with the axe or hammer. There was also pleasure in feeling the creature within rail at his control.
But it did not compare to the glorious prize before him. He had made sure to subdue and not kill it. Now he would take his reward.
“You can have your body back Dwarf, for as long as it lasts in this infernal cold”
Excitement filled him. This would be glorious.

A giant screech filled the air. Rebirth.

Snowballs chance
The Shields face Orcus's pets and get away from it all

The battle had ended with Arturas Shadowghast and his mercenary company. The Shields divided the spoils and had a brief rest while Berradin greeted Imbolin, his childhood friend/valet Shaidaran, another Eladrin from Berradin’s tribe, lay dead before them, but no tears were shed. Shaidaran had secretly served Asmodeus and had found his own way to this plane from their home.
Imbolin told Berradin that Shaidaran had said that he had created a portal to this dimension and that it was in this very dungeon, the reason Imbolin had come here with this group.

The dungeon doors before them were frozen and several Shields sensed unnatural powers and undead beyond the entrance. Nesh forced the doors open and the group saw a group of undead warriors surrounding a tiefling spell-caster, the tiefling was projecting some sort of barrier which kept out the undead.
The Shields moved into the unnaturally cold room and engaged the 3 revenants and vampire in battle. They showed a good accounting for themselves, with berradin even slaying a vampire in hand-to-hand combat.
The tiefling warned them that beyond the next door demonic spiders were slaying the fell court members and their “slaves”. Imbolin was sent to escort the tiefling to the surface and to Captain Farringray’s forces.
The Shields did not even hesitate to rest and recover before launching through the doors to save the fell-court prisoners.
The fell court’s people were dead but most of the prisoners were within their cells, which the Bebiliths,Demon-Spiders of Orcus, had begun to open and continue their slaughter.
The Shields distracted the Bebiliths from their task but were almost killed by the dangerous beasts. During the battle, behind the Bebiliths, could be seen an army of gnolls passing the opposite door. The Shields did triumph however and released the prisoners.
Shanna went back to report to Farringray while Saran and Flea went deeper into the complex. Drums could be heard playing far below from an Umber-Hulk bored tunnel to the east. But to the west was
an open portal, the portal was made of the flayed and stretched body of an Eladrin.
Flea and Saran were sure that thousands of gnolls and other creatures; most likely grimlocks, drows, umber-hulks and mind flayers, had gone through.
Berradin wished to close the portal. There would not be enough power left to re-open it. He was sure his tribe could handle several thousand followers of Torog while on their home turf.
The rest of the Shields preferred to pursue the enemy, they could not chance letting Torog destroy the lock to his prison. The only catch was that the portal had to be closed from the dungeon side.
Imbolin volunteered to close the gate to ensure that Prince Berradin and his retinue would save their “village”.
Shanna got back from Farringray in time to go through before Imbolin shut the portal.

On the other side
The Shields appeared in a harsh winter landscape. Berradin cast several rituals to help the group endure the elements. Berradin knew this land well and could tell the Shields trackers that Torog’s army had not headed in the direction of Berradin’s people’s fortress. They were however heading in a direction that could lead them to the lands of the frost giants and the ancient White Dragon, Hoarfrost.
The Shields decide to harry the army and sent a few arcane messages to Berradin’s people to warn them of the possible threat.
The Shields struck quietly and quickly, taking stragglers and scouts from the larger force.
Then they decided on a more dangerous gambit. They would draw a Remorhaz, a terrifying gargantuan fireworm, into the army’s midst.
The plan was incredibly successful. The beast tore through half the army’s ranks before being stopped.
But there were still a thousand gnolls and a demon who was possessing ’Droth’s grandfather.

Divide the spoils
The villains move their plans forward with new information at their fingertips

The smell of brimstone entered the nostrils of Torog, the chain god, a sign that Orcus – Demon Lord had arrived. The 15’ tall figure had a goat-like head and legs, and the horns of a ram rather than those of a goat. His arms were humanoid but vast bat wings sprouted from his back, and his long, snaky tail was tipped with a poisonous head. In his left-hand he carried the wand of death, a rod of obsidian topped by a human skull.

Orcus smiled, more a display of savage looking teeth than a sign of pleasure. “Good news crawling one”

Torog bridled at the remark. He stood to his full height, ancient chains working in place of his shattered limbs, and then had his surrounding chains lift him off the ground to a height that enabled him to look directly into Orcus’s hollow eye sockets. “Why are you here?”

“You have been attempting to infiltrate the devil-worshippers, have you not?”
“No matter. They have been foolish enough to have their necromancer leave active agents of mine within their domicile.”

Torog attempted to disguise his shock and need, but among creatures such as himself nothing could truly be hidden. “They have dealings with the Gith … access to a planar portal … your servant heads to the surface even now leading one of my legions”

“I know where your key is.”

Torog’s eyes shined with hope. “You know what the key is? We can reach it?”

“I recently welcomed PERSONALLY a new arrival, one that I had diverted from reaching the God of Devils. His secrets were easily removed from him, much like his spleen … and other useful parts.
The Gods were very cunning in constructing your prison lock. A whole clan of Eladrin were cast through your imprisoning spell and became a living lock. They then exiled themselves to an unknown plane to keep your prison inviolate. The beauty of this lock is that it is self-regenerating, each new generation of these fey renew the mechanisms.
You just have to smash the lock. Kill every last one of this clan."
“My servants know where their portal is. They could have it for you within the hour.”

“My forces are almost there”

“I can have it for you sooner without expending any of your vanguard force. Then they could be used for a greater purpose beyond the gate.”

“Intriguing. What do you have in mind?”

“I have … resources at my disposal that could clear the devil-hive and make it ready for your legion. But it requires great sacrifice”

Orcus explained what he would require. Torog blanched at the cost but he would pay it.

Torog made his way to his outer chamber and looked out from the balcony, over the floor of the huge cavern before him in these lowest levels of the underdark. The remains of the ancient tiefling city before him swarmed with his servants; Gnolls, Grimlocks, UmberHulks, and even the Illithid-Mind Flayers.
“Kneel before your God” he stage whispered. All heads turned towards their master and as one sank to their knees and prostrated themselves to him"
Torog nodded to Orcus.
Orcus held his arms high and then shadowy, menacing energies poured out of his wand through Torog and then blanketed the cavern below. The hordes below screamed as one, and their life force poured back into the wand, into Orcus, and then travelled back out and up, towards the surface.

Both Torog and Orcus were severely weakened by the ritual. The bodies of Torog’s host now lay spread out over the entire cavern. Nothing stirred below.

“Our agreement still stands? You get the living and I get the dead”

Torog stared for a long moment and then deeply nodded.

One night in Fallcrest
Stalking the Fell Court

Our heroes divested the windjammers of their magic items [Grik taking many that Berradin put his hands up for – magic armour and weapons] and proceeded back to Hammerfast to hand the mercenaries over to the watch.
Grik said his goodbyes to Victoria and went back to the red carpet tavern.
The Shields took their prisoners to the Watch HQ but ran into an angry mob who had surrounded, and were beating, a solitary goblin in their midst.
The Shields took him the goblin named Flea under their protection, and offered to take him to the bugbear Nesh. The Windjammers were taken by the watch and offered positions in the Hammerfast suicide squad known as the Hammerfast Irregulars, where they could work off their sentence.
The Shields flew to the Academy but found that Nesh had taken the fourth year students to Stasi Demonclaw’s castle, Harrigan Keep, to get familiar with flying vehicles.
Flea was searching for Nesh to join up with his Shields and was greatly relieved to find that the people he was travelling with were in fact those very Shields.
The Ship was flown to Fallcrest, and Shanna, Dinnan, and Saran were dropped off outside the city to make their own way in, and not be considered among the Shields number.
Berradin, Victoria and Flea went with Selindrea Matterhorn to the lord’s keep and found out that Selindrea was in fact Xander Corvassian’s betrothed.
Xander’s court sage, an Eladrin, offered the Shields information about the Fell Court and let Berradin know that several Eladrin, with his tribal markings, had been seen in Fallcrest recently. The sage also paid Victoria the Shield’s payment for their sterling work.
Shanna took position on top of one of the taller buildings in Fallcrest to give her a relatively unimpeded view of most of the city. She had one of the signal devices [the tuki tuki] as did Victoria.
Dinnan attempted to make contact with the Fell Court as a mercenary for hire, and was hired by a bald human to kill Lord Xander’s son for the sum of 10 000gp, and the possibility of further work outside Fallcrest with the Fell court. Dinnan went to return to the group and managed to lose the observer following him, an observer who had been spotted and trailed by Shanna.
Saran found a bar which was believed to be the lair of one of the high-ups of the Fell Court. Apparently that personage stayed cloaked in the bar, in a corner booth.
Later in the evening a powerfully built armoured warrior, wearing a holy symbol and carrying a very heavy flail, accompanied by a stunningly beautiful half-elf lady arrived at the tavern and headed to the corner booth and disappeared.
The tavern’s guests were all filled with a compulsion to leave the tavern, which Saran managed to fight, and Saran managed to take refuge behind the bar to overhear a conversation between the warrior and another figure, who may have been Mellikot – head of the fell court. The figure was introduced as Arturas Shadowghast, a fallen Paladin, who had returned after 50 years and wished to return to his mansion outside Fallcrest, Shadowghast Manor, the dungeons of which were now occupied by the Fell Court. He sought a high position in the court inreturn for the use of his ancestral home. An agreement was reached and Arturas and his lady departed. Saran snuck out to let the Shields know what was occurring.
Victoria, Berradin and Flea had gone to Ellas, the Fallcrest tavern which Captain Nathan Farringray chose to frequent, and gathered up Farringray and made themselves a warroom in Ella’s upstairs quarters.
Once all the group had returned, adventures were shared and the group decide to move on the mansion. Farringray would gather his troops and move them to surround the grounds as soon as possible.
The Shields passed the manor grounds and went to approach from the south, the less inhabited and travelled region, while Dinnan and Shanna went forward to remove any watchers. Shanna took out 5 leaving a large unguarde arc around the mansion.
Flea showed the group his worth by changing them all into field mice and sneaking into the “abandoned” manor house. The group found signs that someone was actively keeping the place looking dusty and unkept, but there were tracks, of a heavily built man and a slender woman, leading below into the dungeons.
The “mice” scampered down the stairs to a lower crypt level, where several Shadowghast coffins were interred. The level also had a horrific painting on one of the walls, a painting of a paladin being pitchforked by many devils. Berradin carefully approached what he assumed was a trap, but it was tripped ata a distance further than he had predicted. Devilish arms reached out of the painting to drag him in, while the injured paladin rolled out of the painting to lay bleeding out beneath it.
Shanna acted immediately, returning to her true form and firing a salvo of disrupting arrows at the arms knocking them from their prey.
Dinnan grew to his normal form and attempted to leap onto the painting and kick it to the floor. However the devil arms caught one of his feet and dragged him into the painting. Dinnan was ably defending himself on the the inside whilst the Shields fired off a volley of attacks from he outside. Victoria cast healing word upon the Paladin saving his life. Dinnan was cast out and Berradin was dragged in before the shields finally injured the frame too much, buckled it and with a horrendous scream collapsed, leaving Berradin gasping on the dungeon flagstones.

Below comes a call “Who goes there?” Dun dun dun DUN.

Take the gate
Armies begin to move

“They have a dimensional gate”

“You have seen it?”

“Not yet. But they have Gith with them. There must be a portal”

“Take what you need. Break my lock.”

“I will need a new suit”

“Ha. What is mine is yours”

He pointed at his choice. “That one”

“All except that one”

“Do you want this done? I need the proper equipment”

“Careful Demon. You test my patience.”

" "

“Take it. But get this done”

“Of course. Orcus be with me”


Saran remembers
Saran has a flashback

Saran’s steady pace ate up the miles that she had to cover, following the hidden paths between the realm of the living and the realm of judgement for those who had passed on. Saran now trod the familiar corridors of the twilight mansion within the shadowfell. Shadar-Kai guardians stepped out of her path, giving a wide berth to the Lady’s needle. The great doors were pulled aside for her as she approached the audience chamber.
Those inside all turned to watch the entrance of the mortalwalker.
Saran dropped to one knee before the throne, head bowed and her left hand pressing the Rod of Portals against the bone tiles. She felt the gaze of the all-knowing upon her, welcoming her, and she looked up at that beautifully terrifying visage. The smile displayed for her would have driven many mortals insane, Saran was no longer truly mortal.
“Faithful one”…“You please me”…“I offer you a boon in return”

Saran’s eyes clouded, she doubled over barely holding onto consciousness. Images long hidden, shut behind barriers placed within her; to prevent madness or rebellion, bubbled to her mind’s surface. A night, her last mortal night, her moving through the woods…scouting ahead of her hunting party, being suddenly surprised and surrounded by a Drow raiding party, and among the Drow a natural born elf – a powerfully built elf wearing a bright red surcoat covering snakeskin leather armour, holding a Drow hand crossbow and a savage looking longsword. Covering his hair an open-faced helmet with cheekguards and a horse-hair crest.
“She is yours to do with as you will”, softly spoke the Drow weaponmaster.
The elf grinned as he fired his hand crossbow. The poison immobilised Saran so that she could not move, but she could still feel. It took her a long time to die, but her anger at the betrayal by her ex-betrothed carried through with her to the courts of the Raven Queen.

Saran’s tear stained eyes opened. “Why?”

“He interferes in your task”…“so now he must pay the price”…“you need not be gentle”

Saran unsteadily gained her feet, nodded, turned, and then began her long trek back to the world beyond death.

The unfriendly skies
It's not smooth sailing to Hammerfast

Several days had passed since the Medusa was vanquished, and Thrax was freed from “protective custody”.
Late in the afternoon of the Shields fifth day in Hammerfast five warriors arrived at the Red Carpet Tavern, all wearing surcoats and sigils marking them as members of the Fallcrest militia. They came looking for the Shields at their renowned base of operations. They came looking for Victoria and Grik in particular. They offered a scroll bearing the wax seal of Xander Corvassian, Lord Warden of Fallcrest.
The message read as the following:
Shields of the Vale
I have a matter of some urgency that I wish to bring to your attention.
My son’s new governess will be requiring an escort to Fallcrest from Hammerfast and I wish to request your services on this matter. You will of course be remunerated quite handsomely for fulfilling this task in the manner to which we have become accustomed of your exploits.
The Vale has become more dangerous, as more humanoids move here for whatever purpose they have in mind. I will consider it a personal favour if you will ensure that Selindrea Matterhorn is delivered to my manor house hale and hearty.
Yours in Sincerity
The Lord Warden of Fallcrest
Xander Corvassian
Victoria and the Shields agreed to take the bodyguard role and were informed that Selindrea Matterhorn would be staying at the Blue Waters Hotel, a very upmarket establishment in Hammerfast mostly used by the rich and those seeking to give the illusion of being well-off.
Most of the Shields went to the Blue Waters while Grik stayed behind with Halva, and the Fallcrest militiamen took a night of liberty.
The Shields introduced themselves to the tiefling concierge, who sent a bellhop up to inform Lady Matterhorn that she had guests, whilst the Shields waited in the parlour enjoying some wonderful Eladrin summer wines [@ 100gp per bottle – Dinnan ordered two].
Selindrea Matterhorn arrived downstairs, a beautiful well-dressed tiefling lady of indeterminate years, leaning on her skull-topped walking staff. She introduced herself and deigned to let Victoria and Shanna stay in her rooms overnight. [Dinnan was not allowed to stay, a man in her quarters at night?! – but Grik had permission since he was only a beast, Grik chose to return to the Red Carpet Tavern]
When asked of any possible threat to her person she [haughtily] replied that anyone of her wealth and background would obviously have many enemies. The Shields planned to leave the next morning, via skyship, for Fallcrest.
Morning came and Lieutenant Grik roused the militiamen from their hungover stupor with his parade ground voice and early morning athletic routines. Their punishment was a valuable growth experience for them :)
The militiamen loaded selindrea’s steamer trunks onto Gleaming Endeavour, the skyship cast off, and then the ship was off on its journey to Fallcrest.
Fifty or so miles from Hammerfast, Shanna spotted another flying object closing in on the skyship from behind and out of the sun. She recognised it as a smaller, faster version of their ship, a Skyskiff. On board were a crew made up of a beardless Dwarf [wielding a cutlass], a female robed Githyanki, a very large Sahuagin in Dragonmail [amphibious lizardmen] wielding a very long trident, a fancily dressed elf flying the ship, and a bugbear sized Bird creature. They could only be the mercenary crew known as the Windjammers, who normally plied their trade aboard a sailing ship. They closed in fast and when they were a mile behind the dwarf hailed the Gleaming Endeavour. “Ahoy the ship”
Berradin magically enhanced Victoria’s speech to be like a booming microphone and the two ship captains proceeded to parlay.
Captain No-Beard proceeded to offer terms. He would let the Shields and all those aboard the ship have safe passage to the ground and he would then commandeer the Gleaming Endeavour. “Which is not your property anyways”
Victoria declined the gallant offer and the chase resumed. A militiaman took the wheel while the other militiamen handled the rigging. Shanna and Dinnan fired their longbow and ship’s crossbow [respectively] at the incoming ship, until it reached close range [100’].
Berradin, Shanna and Dinnan laid down spellfire and a hail of daggers and arrows to the windjammers. They injured their antagonists who promptly shot back some healing potions.
The skyskiff [now on fire thanks to Berradin] rammed into the stern of the Gleaming Endeavour and both ships were now locked together. Combat was joined.
Captain No-Beard with his cutlass, Razor the Elven Raider with his hand crossbow and long sword, Chard the Trident wielding Sahuagin, and Polly the hook-horror mascot all eventually ended up on the skyship in pitched battle with our heroes. Hepsa the Githyanki mind-mage was badly injured and tried to help her comrades while staying onboard the skiff.
The battle was fierce but No-Beard had declared that they would give quarter to the Shields. Victoria offered the same in return, and proved her word was good when she accepted the surrender of Hepsa before Hepsa succumbed to Berradin’s magical fire cold zone.
Razor too was brought low by the Shields, but the Shields too had injuries. Dinnan was badly injured, Shanna was thrown overboard by Polly [nut managed to teleport back to one of the ship’s wings] and Polly then badly gutted Grik before biting Shadowhunter’s [Grik’s dawnforged weapon] axe head off it’s handle and spitting both parts overboard.
Captain No-Beard sounded the retreat, grabbed Razor and jumped overboard with his winged boots. Chard picked up Hepsa and jumped free with his ring of feather fall, and was then swooped away by No-Beard.
The Shields were busy finishing off Polly and preventing their skyship from crashing into the ground, and then decided whether to give chase or find Shadowhunter. Shanna realised that the Windjammers had picked up Shadowhunter but had split into two groups, No-Beard and Razor heading to nearby hills, while Hepsa and Chard headed towards an old Dwarven mine sinkhole.
Victoria and Dinnan pursued the Sahuagin and Githyanki while the ship carried Shanna, Grik and Berradin after No-Beard and Razor. Grik went to check on their passenger, and found her cleaning up the skull-head of her staff after braining the militiaman guarding her [in the Captain’s quarters]. Grik could then see a glamour fade from the body which revealed the body of a tiefling.
Victoria and Dinnan caught up to Chard [and the unconscious Hepsa] who then surrendered.
The skyship caught up to No-Beard, but Razor had made off on his own. No-Beard stood down without further trouble and claimed that Razor had taken Shadowhunter without No-Beard’s permission. Apparently he was only a contractor and not a loyal member of the crew.
Shanna planned to give chase but a magical downpour started in a 5 mile radius near the ship and all tracks would have been washed away. Berradin recognised the magic as being caused by a rain stick. [A magical storm contained within a rod, which begins when you snap the rod]
Razor escaped with Shadowhunter, and the axe was never seen by the Shields again.
Captain No-Beard admitted that he was hired by the Fell Court to steal back the Gleaming Endeavour, and they had supplied the Windjammers the sky-skiff. The Windjammers had planned to double-cross the Fell Court and take the sky-ship for themselves.

complications around our friends

A cloaked figure entered the badly-lit room and sat down at the old oak table. He raised his boots and laid them upon the table before him. He had his usual smirk plastered upon his face.
“She be at Hammerfast”
The listeners eagerly leaned forward, waiting for more information, that would surely come once he had teased them with silence for awhile. Would one of them give in.
A wet rasping voice broke the silence, ending the torturous game. " and …"
“She be heading for Fallcrest, they say”
The leader finally spoke. His deep baritone vibrating in his chest. “Opposition?”
“The Shields be with her. "
The leader sighed. He looked over at his arcanist then raised a questioning eyebrow. She gave a slow, confident nod.
“We take ‘er then. The Shields’ll not know what hit ‘em. We give quarter on this one. They have powerful allies and we don’t want those kind of … entanglements”
They looked at each other across the table, excitement and anticipation starting to build.
“Get your gear, we be off ’fore sundown.”
The group purposefully departed the taproom.

A letter of some import
The Lord of Fallcrest requests a favour

Several days have passed since the Medusa was vanquished, and Thrax was freed from “protective custody”.
The Shields had spent 1000gp to buy supplies and delivered them with Nesh to the Academy. Xinto was grateful and has engaged the students on a project to build an appropriate airdock for the skyship. Xinto loves the idea of a student course in skysailing and will develop a course outline then accept applications from the student body for said course. It should only take a few weeks to organise.

Late in the afternoon of the Shields fifth day in Hammerfast five warriors arrive at the Red Carpet Tavern, all wearing surcoats and sigils marking them as members of the Fallcrest militia. They have come looking for the Shields at their renowned base of operations. They have come looking for Victoria and Grik in particular. They offer a scroll bearing the wax seal of Xander Corvassian, Lord Warden of Fallcrest.

It reads as the following:

Shields of the Vale
I have a matter of some urgency that I wish to bring to your attention.
My son’s new governess will be requiring an escort to Fallcrest from Hammerfast and I wish to request your services on this matter. You will of course be remunerated quite handsomely for fulfilling this task in the manner to which we have become accustomed of your exploits.
The Vale has become more dangerous, as more humanoids move here for whatever purpose they have in mind. I will consider it a personal favour if you will ensure that Selindrea Matterhorn is delivered to my manor house hale and hearty.

Yours in Sincerity

The Lord Warden of Fallcrest

Xander Corvassian


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