Shields of the Vale

Twelve Days of Stasi
A christmas themed adventure :)
Victoria, Nesh and Grik reuinited with Berradin at The Red Carpet Tavern in Hammerfast where Berradin informed them that Thrax had gone off on his own path.

Grik discussed with the group the idea of visiting his sponsor to the Academy, Captain Nathan Farringray, in Fallcrest.
Meanwhile, Mourn: a Warforged Runepriest, whom had just arrived in Hammerfast, received a message from his Artificer friend, Stasi Demonclaw, via a magical link Stasi had inserted in Mourn’s workings, that he was under attack from Orcs and needed help. Mourn decided to head to the Red Carpet Tavern and seek advice from his old adventuring companion Shadrach.

A Quizzical Device
A Bear in there
Level 3 adventure
Curse of the Squid King
A party member is lost to a twisted evil
The Dragonborn Come
Draconians and Black Dragons

The party face a trio of Bozaak Draconians (lightning throwers) and a duo of Kobaaz Draconians (Glaive wielders) whilst a shadowy robed figure runs deeper into the dungeon. They handily dispatch the draconians and find a secret door in the Western wall of the parapet overlooking the room.
The door is covered in a painted mural of a Paladin of Bahamut. The rogue Timble finds a discoloured mural piece and clicks open the secret door. Inside is a short corridor leading to a hidden temple. The room contains a desecrated altar to Bahamut, two glass coffins containing spirits and a large hole in the room.

...and one to lead them
Black Dragon battle
Relative Diversity
The Haunted Shard
Shadrach is haunted by the ghost of an old frenemy
Session 1 - Graduation Day
"Academy of Draconic Majesty"

Nesh, Grik, Thrax, Victoria and Berradin graduate from the Academy with the “Huhznak Kahzarr”, a trial by combat. The companions enter the Chaos Scarred land to rescue some halfling and gnome children that were abducted by the cult of Torog.
Nesh, Grik and Victoria accompany the injured child survivors and their parents to Hammerfast. They take a rest at the Red Carpet Tavern, which is warded against ghostly visitation.


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