Shields of the Vale

I see Red

Prelude to the final battle

The Ancient Red Dragon flew high and smoothly through the air with steady flaps of her wings, she was nearing her destination and would soon be able to rest after her continental flight.

Far below her were the receding Dragonspine mountains, ahead were the walls around her journey’s end.

Crimson flew over the walls into the valley beyond, circling lazily around the mansion below. She could detect frenzied activity below and smiled. “Ah the creatures would be terrified and bolting for supposed safety”, she thought.

No, she was wrong, someone down there was rallying them into some sort of defensive formation. She flew down closer to observe this peculiarity.

Baron Victor Palladine and Baroness Juliana Palladine stood together, armed and armoured, at the vanguard of the estate’s defenders. They were under no illusion that this would be an easy conflict.

Crimson glided down and settled to the ground a short walk away from the lead humans, She brought her wings in close and leant her snout forward blowing small amounts of steam from her nostrils. She waited.

Baron Victor Palladine had expected an immediate attack. He was disconcerted by the dragon’s behaviour. He shook his head at Juliana to stay where she was and he slowly moved forward towards the Dragon’s lowered head.



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