Shields of the Vale

notes for the coda

At Grik’s funeral – an overheard stanza from Jonas “It was seven versus Tiamat that day and they were magnificent”

Rhianna ex-hag, looking at Berradin “How can someone so intelligent have been so clueless”

The mourners had finally all left and the chamber fell into silence. Halva leaned forward on her bier and swung her legs over the edge, slowly getting to her feet. The silver hair, wrinkles, stooped posture and age fell away as she allowed her true form to return.
Shanna stepped out of the shadows and stood there appraisingly. “When did you figure it out”
“I have always known but it was your secret to share. I had suspected that the Gods’ essence had also infused you. So what now?”
“My children are grown and no longer need their mother, I think I shall take up exploring again. Care for some company?”
“Where I go often leads to great trouble and even the risk of madness”
“Sounds wonderful.” Halva collected a pack from the mourners’ gifts and sheathed some daggers in her boots, “Well then, no time like the present”
Shanna opened a portal and the two of them stepped through.



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