Shields of the Vale

The calm before the storm

The Shields attack the Iron Circle muster point.

The Shields had acquired the Iron Circle ship Intrepid and had pulled out of the port of Bael-Turath. The ship sailed into deeper waters to catch the stronger North winds and head towards the Iron Circle muster point.
Berradin had commandeered the Captain’s quarters and was busily conducting a ritual to enable the ship to make better time on it’s journey. Shanna had climbed the crows nest with Dinnan, to be lookouts. Saran stood near the tiller, she had cowed the crew and her presence had them working feverishly to please their new masters. Victoria, Nesh and Flea also stood on the command deck watching the ship sail.
Then all the winds died, the ship had entered a circle of calm water. The sails hung limply and the boat slowly rocked in its becalmed waters.
Shanna noticed that the wind was still blowing beyond the ship, as gulls pushed against the wind to continue their flight path. Something was wrong.
Flea and Victoria went to see Berradin about the peculiarity, and when opening the captain’s door found Berradin sprawled on the floor in a growing pool of his own blood.
Flea and Vicki gave aid to him and found small stinger marks on him where he was bleeding out. The stingers’ poison prevented wound closure and had almost spelt the end for the wizard.
Flea cast a spell to see invisible creatures and spotted an imp hidden in one of the ceiling corners of the captain’s cabin.
He pointed out the creature to Victoria and was attacked by the imp for his trouble. The imp teleported and was again invisible somewhere in the room. Flea still could see the devil and guided the now-arrived Saran and Victoria at the beast. Saran blasted it with an eldritch bolt and Vicki speared it through the throat with Icicle.
The imp had apparently been the captain’s familiar/link to the iron circle, and had used an amulet which could remove the wind in close proximity to one ship. It had been used to catch other vessels and prevent their escape from the slightly heavier and slower Intrepid.
Berradin had slipped into a coma from the cocktail of poisons he had received and was unresponsive. They made him comfortable and left him to rest in the bed.
The Shields now questioned the crew about the muster point, it’s layout and garrison.
The muster point had a fixed garrison of 3 platoons of 50 men, their commanders, a garrison commander and a Prelate [iron circle wizard/priest of Asmodeus]. There was a stockade in place for holding the slaves which was built on the grounds of an ancient temple ruin (possibly to Pelor).
The Shields decided to land in a smugglers cove south of the muster point and make their way overland to the ruins, and then infiltrate from inland.
They found a good observation point outside the muster point, and Shanna took watch.
The garrison of troops tents were scattered around the temple ruins while the commanders had their billet within the ruins. The stockade was close to the temple with 5 foot high fences and one platoon on guard at all times. The temple grounds were about 5 minutes walk from the wharf, which currently held 2 iron circle ships.
Shanna spotted Mal, Jonas and Grik’s mom among the slaves.
Flea took watch with Shanna and noticed some arcane energy around the campsite. Flea sent down a feral cat to recon. the grounds but the cat was flash-fried when it set off some wards. Flea could now make out a dome of energy around the campsite.
The Prelate noticed an incursion into his protective zone but realised it was a cat and so was not alarmed. He was a tall, imposing humanoid with the touch of the devils upon him. Horns grew from his forehead and he had vestigial wings sprouting from his tunic. he spent a lot of time watching the slaves, seeming to feed off their misery and fear. His ward around the campsite would ensure that if any prisoners escaped the stockade, they would burn up when trying to cross the warded barrier. A secondary bonus was that he would be aware if anyone tried to enter their camp.
The Shields decide to make their way down to the barrier and then have Saran portal them across and within striking range of the Prelate [kill the wizard first!]
They snuck down without being spotted but when Saran tried to portal the group she was unprepared for the backlash of arcane energies and only Victoria, Dinnan and Flea made it past the barrier. They all struck at the Prelate and killed him as he gave warning tot he garrison [ruining my chance to show his cool powers :( ]. The wards were broken by the Prelates death and the rest of the Shields rushed in.
The platoons formed themselves into 3 units of 50 and prepared to engage the Shields, as the Shields opened the gates for the prisoners and had Mal, Jonas and Grik’s mom lead the villagers away from the battle. They took what weapons they could and rushed towards the wharf to take a ship.
The Shields faced off against the platoons, their commanders and the garrison commander. They used their area-affacting abilities and teamwork to take down most of the defending force. About 50 iron circle soldiers survived the battle.
The villagers helped take over the iron circle ships at port, and they all celebrated their good fortune.
The villagers collected their belongings from the garrisons storeroom which left a small amount of unclaimed treasure.



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