Shields of the Vale

The world according to Garrett

episode 1

we have a sprite! they’re sort of quick, don’t say much & are sort of pretty & i always thought they didn’t really exist. but now that I’ve met one i know that’s not true. we had a long conversation while we were on the train. they’re really friendly when they don’t disappear to do other secret sprite-y things.
we went on a train! (totally not as exciting as an airship) i didn’t get to drive this one, but we went really fast. we had to sit still for aaages (that was hard) but that gave me time to sleep & talk to my friends and make new friends and talk to them & then we stopped at new places i hadn’t never been to before. that was exciting for a while.
then we went to Gherrigan’s house! well, we never really made it that far. but he was telling me all about it. stories involving his sister who is in charge (& she’s not allowed to talk to Gida while she’s busy or was that only when she’s busy? i forget) & he has a brother & a Dad, but he says he was dead & everyone thought he was dead when he wasn’t. i think he was running away, but now he’s going home so i guess that’s okay – but then he said he had two other groups of friends that got killed as well, & now we’re the third group of friends, & what happens if we die as well!? he’ll have no friends again… but then one night while we were at the inn & we were asleep someone killed someone & cut off their ears & eyes. i think that that would have hurt up until the part where he was killed. but we chased them because you can’t do that sort of stuff & not expect to get in trouble. i was pretty upset by it, i don’t like it when people kill people for no reason. but I found which way they went.
we have two Paladins! paladins are funny. they don’t seem to get upset like normal people. they seem to be super polite to people who are bad, & are really nasty to nice people (the po po).
they argue a lot. they say things like “oh no Elrich, you can take the lead. i’ll just stand here quietly & insult everyone & then when you do it wrong I’ll point out your failed tactics in front of the bad-guys”… boy i nearly pee’d myself laughing <giggle> but i was hiding in a tree & didn’t want to give myself away. <hee> its still funny!
but i guess their tactics worked because it made the bad guys so angry that they attacked them.
Assassins are bad! one absolutely stabbed Gherrigan. but it must not have hurt much because his eyes never went red…



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