Shields of the Vale

things we learnt between sessions

time passed and secrets were revealed

Rhianna was cursed into being a hag after being taken by a cyclops raiding party while out picking flowers near the river.
Shadrach has gifted the Red Carpet Tavern to Mourn.
Shadrach and Cerulathillian have recruited new members for their Highborn heroes.
Stasi has returned to Harrigan Keep to get back to his inventions.
Halva has been regularly ill, especially mornings.
Rhianna has chosen to help out at the Red Carpet Tavern in exchange for room and board.
Rhianna still plans to have Berradin keep his promise :)

Mike Sims questions And my Cerulathillian question to Darren is…
…wasn’t he demon possessed? And the party was aware of this? Yes and Yes. (You met him at Gardmore Abbey at the tower of madness – plus an appearance inside Makkathran the Red Dragon’s chamber)
You said a while ago:
“Mourn is now chief bartender/manager of the Red Carpet Tavern, whilst Shadrach and Halva (with Rezzhine in tow) now seek out Cerulathillian’s demon possessed body.”
Didn’t want to raise it unless it is so… because it’s a pretty big deal if it is so.
How did the Highborn Heroes free him from this possession? That is their story to tell :)

And I second Ivan’s query… why were people upset? You’d be upset too if someone that was known to be demon possessed was in your bar, and if Mourn was now the bar owner :) Seriously though, most people would be suspicious and superstitious if someone that had been known to be controlled by a demon was in their presence. The Highborn Heroes were so happy to have their friend back that they didn’t care. Shadrach could tell this made people uncomfortable so he traded the bar to Mourn. The HH will now get back to what they love doing.



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