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  • The Dawn War

    The Dawn War Very little is known of the war between the gods and the primordial creatures that existed before them. Humanoids were still developing their skills at combat and magic, but were a resource that the gods did not waste in their conflict. …

  • Divine Compact

    The Divine Compact The treaty which signalled the end of the god wars. The surviving gods made themselves bound by this agreement, which limits their powers to effecting only those of their faith. Divine power is focused upon the material plane by the …

  • Bloodspear War

    Bloodspear orcs descended from the Stonemarch. An army from Fallcrest attempted to halt the orcish advance in the Battle of Gardmore, but failed. The Bloodspears burned and pillaged Fallcrest, and wreaked havoc throughout the Nentir Vale. The Orcs went on …

  • Keep on the Shadowfell

    [2494] Kalarel, Skull Highpriest of Orcus, inhabits the Keep on the Shadowfell and begins his research to open the Shadowfell Rift in its lower levels. [2495] The Keep on the Shadowfell is raided and cleansed by a party of adventurers.

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